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Club managers manage their club efficiently and provide a superior tennis experience to their members

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Competition organizers who want to streamline the competition and make it easier for players to participate while saving their time!

For Clubs
For Competitions
For Players

For Clubs

Everything you need to administer your tennis club. From membership fee collection, hit organisation, court bookings and more...

For Competitions

Automatically created draws, emergency player management, live ladders, Str8 Sets for Competitions is all you need.

For Players

Match diary, player social network, player performance are some of the many features of Str8 Sets supporting players.

Beautiful Apps

Str8 Sets is made for iOS and Android. Two beautiful apps allow you to manage every aspect of your tennis activity.

Complete Solution

We understand the demands of tennis players, clubs and competition organisers. Str8 Sets is the complete tennis solution.

Used Globally

Str8 Sets is in use all around the world. From the United States to Australia and everything in between we have you covered.

Str8 Sets for Tennis Clubs

Managing every aspect of your tennis club

Club administration made easy!

We love tennis and want to see the sport flourish. We do that by offering solutions to clubs and players that make management and administration easier, allowing players to play more often and at a higher level.

Club managers are the backbone of tennis. We know that a lot of tennis administration is done by people who are driven primarily by their passion and love for the sport. As a club manager, you would often feel time pressure to solve key problems for your club, sometimes at the cost of leaving out more interesting and innovative activities you want to do.

Str8 Sets for Clubs provides you with a holistic, tennis-specific solution for a lot of the problems facing club managers and players today.

Learn more about Str8 Sets for Clubs features below or see how clubs benefited from Str8 Sets club management tools.

Matcha for Clubs

Organise and setup hits for members at your club based on skill level.

As a Club administrator, you know that match arranging is a time-consuming activity and doesn't always work. Ideally, you want your members to have a quality hit whenever they want with as many people as possible.

Using Matcha, ensure your members find the best hit for them at the time they want.

Court Bookings

Allow members (or non-members) to book a court at your club. If payment is required, it's completed via the app as the booking is made.

Via the Club dashboard, the Club administrator has full control over every aspect of Court Bookings. Court Bookings is flexible, supporting a wide range of club-court configurations.

Membership Fee Collection

Don't lose members again, membership renewal made simple, fast and efficient.

Members can renew their membership instantly (automatically or manually as set by club) via the Str8 Sets app. Never waste time chasing membership renewals again, spend your time harvesting new members for your club.

Member Communications

Communicate with your members, with ease and instantly!

Give your club a voice! Member communications allows you to send messages or newsletters to your members, delivered instantly via the Str8 Sets iOS and Android app.

Club Subscription Tiers

Choose the best set of features for your club.


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Communications Platform
Court Bookings
Membership Fee Collection
Matcha (Hit Organisation)
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Str8 Sets for Competitions

Manage competitions with ease

Do you run a league competition?

Gone are the days of paper score-cards, waiting to submit scores and waiting for the ladder to update.

Str8 Sets for Competitions gives you full control over your competition whilst allowing players to submit scores, view draws, organise fill-ins and generally enjoy the experience of competitive tennis.

Setting up and configuring a competition is done via the website. With our emergency player management you'll never be left chasing fill-ins again!

Learn more about these feature below or see how others benefited from Str8 Sets.

Competition Management

Supporting a intra-club or inter-club formats, Str8 Sets Competitions provides you with all the tools to administer your league with ease.

Automatically generate draws, allow players to enter (and verify) scores as they step off the court, real-time ladders and much more. Str8 Sets offers a complete competition solution.

Emergency Player Management

Don't ring around ever again!

One of our most loved and in demand features is competition fill-in requests. If a player can't play on a particular day, they can submit a fill-in request and it will be snapped up in moments by free players.

Str8 Sets for Tennis Players

The must have app for tennis players that love to play!

Get more out of the game of tennis!

Ever wanted a hit of tennis but don't have a partner? Using our skill-based ranking system Matcha you can request a hit when you want with players at your skill level. It's so easy!

Download the app and start enjoying tennis more than you did before. Str8 Sets is a platform you can use to improve your game, record your match scores, communicate with other players, view your performance and more.

Players from all around the world are using Str8 Sets and there's no reason you and your friends can't start using it today. Simply download the app, verify your email address and you're done!

Learn more about these features below.

Match Diary

Record and view all your matches. From social hits, competition play to casual matches Str8 Sets provides you with a central spot to store match results.

Player Social Network

Link up with your friends and meet other players in your area.

Tennis is social, it's the perfect sport to meet new people and at the end of the day, tennis is fun! Str8 Sets allows you to create your own personal social network of players.

Player Performance

Ever wonder how you stack up against others? In depth statistics allow you to improve all aspects of your game and to view/compare yourself to others.

With Str8 Sets you can now view head-to-head, win/loss, skill ratings and more.

Str8 Sets has significantly streamlined operations in our club. Court bookings and membership fee collection have saved us time and made our members happy.


Hampton TC

Str8 Sets allows us to manage our league club competition effortlessly and paperless. It saves us time on many fronts and the players love the real time and mobile experiences of the app!


Dendy Park TC

The Matcha level setup is done thoughtfully and comprehensively. It's impressive! It's been fun to see my points increase when I win!


Keen Tennis Player

Str8 Sets makes tennis better!

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Str8 Sets will improve the way you play tennis!

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